Upgrading your account

Upgrading your account is a great way to increase users, agents, clients, storage and cases. Ideal for companies and team who use this system.

All of these steps will be starting from the Dashboard.

  1. You can either find Upgrade Here under My Plan on the Dashboard or via Settings
  2. Go to The Cog via the top right menu and click Company Settings
  3. On the right side of the menu, find Subscription and click on it
  4. Now you’ll see a page for upgrading your account
  5. From here you simply select the type of account that suits your needs and click the orange button
  6. This is where you can choose how to pay for your upgrade, by selecting either orange button and clicking it
  7. Pay With Card
    1. Pay With Card will bring a small secure window asking for your Card Number, Expiry Date and your CVC
    2. Clicking the Upgrade Now button will complete your payment.
  8. Pay With PayPal
    1. Clicking Pay with PayPal will take you to a secure PayPal payment page
    2. Fill out all of the required fields or Login to your PayPal account
    3. And confirm your payment at the bottom right of the pay by clicking Continue

Now that you have upgraded your account, from the dashboard you can view your plan and see your remaining users, clients and storage.