Managing case file folders

Managing case file folders is a great way to keep organised and also manage who can view the files, we implemented this feature to give the user complete control over which sensitive data can be seen by others.

If you haven’t yet uploaded case file, why not check out our Uploading Files To A Case tutorial.

All of these steps will be starting from the Dashboard.

  1. Go to Cases via the main navigation on the left
  2. Click the specified case you have files on
  3. On the case page that appears, if you scroll down the page you will see a Files tab
  4. Clicking the blue ‘Manage Folders’ button on the right will bring up a window
  5. On this window, you can create a new folder with a name and click the blue Create button
  6. Here you can also specify, which album can be viewed by what user groups
  7. After changing Who can see it, you should see a window displaying ‘Great, the folder permission has been updated.
  8. To go back to the case page, just click the small x on the displayed window.

After following these steps, you should now be able to keep track of what users can view what files.