Create a new case

Creating a new case within our investigation software is one of the most important tasks as it’s the starting point just about jobs that you enter into the system. It takes just a few moments to create and setup a new case and we’re going to take you through it in this guide.

  1. Go to Cases via the main navigation on the left
  2. Click the Create a New Case button on the top right
  3. On the page that appears you must select which client this case is for
  4. Optionally provide a summary of the case, etc.
  5. Click the Create Case button at the bottom

Once the case has been created you’ll be taken straight into your new case. From here you can continue setting up the case and start using other parts of the software. All new cases are automatically assigned a unique reference to uniquely identify that case within your account.

Now that the case has been created it will be visible within the Cases page accessible from the main navigation. You can use the filtering options on the right to find cases which match a particular criteria.