Adding custom user groups

If you have recently added new users, you may want to control what type of information they’re allowed to view. This is where our user groups settings can help keep sensitive information that more secure.

All of these steps will be starting from the Dashboard.

  1. Go to The Cog via the top right menu and click Company Settings
  2. On the right side of the menu, find User Groups and click on it
  3. Now you’ll see a page for adding new User Groups
  4. Click the blue Create a New User Group button to get started
  5. Here you can add the name of the User Group and the Type of the User Group
  6. After clicking Add User Group at the bottom you will now see the Permission for that new User Group
  7. After going through all of these options you can click Save Changes at the bottom

You should now have a new User Group which will have permission to all of the certain things that you allowed.