Adding a new agent

Creating a new agent within our investigation software is an important task for teams or companies using this software. With these few steps, you can have your agents created and invited to the software.

All of these steps will be starting from the Dashboard.

  1. Go to Agents via the main navigation on the left
  2. Click the Add a New Agent button on the top right
  3. On the page that appears you can fill out the required information for the Agent
  4. Assigning them to the correct User Group
  5. With all fields filled in, you can click the Add Agent button at the bottom

Once the Agent has been created you’ll be taken straight to the Agents┬átab. From here you will see ‘Pending – Email Invitation Sent’ to the specified email that was entered during the setup. From here you can edit the Agent with the small pen icon located on the right and fill out even more information about the agent if required.