Case Management & Investigation Software

Create & manage cases, instruct agents and communicate with clients

IMS is a powerful case management tool used by private investigators and private investigation companies all over the world. Whether you're a freelance private investigator or work for a large investigation company our investigation case management software provides you with the tools needed to manage your ongoing cases and easily keep track of your active cases.

You can use our private investigator software to keep a record of everything that goes into your cases, invite other agents to collaborate with you and then share the end result with your client. Our software uses a powerful notification system to ensure you're always kept up to date making it easy to manage hundreds of active cases at once. Use the built in reporting tools to generate case summaries and printable case reports with a full dated log of everything that's happened.

Case Management

Create & manage thousands of cases by inputting any relevant details including people, vehicles, businesses and more.

Instruct Agents

Seamlessly instruct your agents and assign them to your cases along with a detailed description of the work required.

Client Communication

Send updates and custom case reports to your clients as cases progress and keep them up to date with what's going on.

Client Billing

Create and issue great looking invoices and keep track of which jobs you've been paid for and which are outstanding.

Performance Reports

Know exactly how well each agent is performing along with case turn around times, financial summaries and much more.

Stay Notified

Powerful notifications keep you up to date with what's going on and provide you with alerts whenever things need your attention.

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